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About Macle GmbH

Being an owner-operated company, Macle not only specialises in distributing its own private brand, Grafenthal, but also in distributing factory sealed goods from IBM, HP, LENOVO, et al.

Macle would like to present itself to the Stock in the channel partners as a reliable and competent business partner that has established itself since 1999.

Macle’s leading position in the German IT market derives from its diversity in the field of end-of-life and spare parts. The more than 3.000 customers (system houses, resellers et al.) that have so far trusted in macle are situated not only in Germany but also in Europe and the USA, amongst others.

Now Macle would also like to support the computing industry in the UK because its focus on a high availability of IT products from stock, the short lead-times and the better pricing resulting from a long-lasting experience with varied manufacturers and suppliers will surely contribute to the success of the partners belonging to Stock in the channel.

About Stock in the Channel

Founded in 2009 to help resellers source hardware from authorised distributors, Stock in the Channel quickly grew to become an indispensable tool for the UK channel. Stock in the Channel has since expanded its services to be active in 22 countries, with over 25,000 registered customers across Europe, North America, and Australia. Thousands of resellers, VARs and MSPs use the stock search daily. The founders history of working with e-commerce a webstore offer soon launched, matching stock with product descriptions and adding margins to the resellers buy price. This was offered as both a datafeed and a turnkey Magento option. The company continues to grow and is financially strong

Stock in the Channel is trusted by over 25,000 IT Resellers

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